Ruth Frommer

For over 25 years facilitating people to move and feel better
167 Centre Rd
Bentleigh, VIC, 3187
Opening Times
Monday - 1pm - 6 pm
Tuesday - 12pm -5pm
Wednesday - 9am - 7 pm
Thursday - 9am - 5pm
Friday - by appointment
Saturday   by appointemnt
  • Functional Integration & Awareness Through Movement

About Me

Since 1992 Ruth has enjoyed working with people interested in enhancing and expanding their movement, ability and wellbeing. This includes people who are limited in their daily lives due to movement issues, embodied stress or pain through to people wanting to develop their potential. Ruth has an inherent desire to facilitate people to discover more about themselves and their movement. Incorporating her skills from Occupational Therapy, NLP and Aikido Ruth assists people to navigate past their trouble spots and to find new ways of moving, being and doing.
" Making the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant." M. Feldenkrais

Ruth conducts a private practice comprising of individual Functional Integration sessions, classes and workshops. As an Assistant Feldenkrais Trainer Ruth also works teaching in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programmes.


Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer, Occupational Therapist, Aikido Instructor, NLP Trainer


German Limited working proficiency