What’s Stress Got To Do With It?

Let’s face it, modern life is stressful. The pace, the demands of family and work, and even the technologies that supposedly make life better, challenge our wish to live with ease and grace. There is a solution, and it may even save you a trip to the doctor. Discover Awareness Through Movement lessons and how they can relieve tension and improve your quality of life and wellbeing.

Saturday: Unshouldering the Burden

Are your shoulders up by your ears? Curving forward so that sitting up straight is becoming a chore? Groaning with stiffness and pain? How many shoulds are piling on your shoulders? This day we learn how to lighten the load, relieve tension and put your shoulders in their place.

Sunday: The Breath Connection

Of course you are breathing, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But stress, whether it’s traumatic, or simply chronic, can impact your breath and consequently, your health. Enjoy this delicious day of connecting your breath to your movement, your mood and your health.


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