WA Discovery Day

A Public Workshop  - where each participant plans their own workshop by selecting an ATM lesson they are interested in exploring in each session.

The afternoon is divided into 2 sessions with afternoon tea in the middle. There are 4 lessons for participants to choose from in each session. When a participant enrolls they list their preferences.  Classes are filled as people enroll. First Preferences are given until the class is full. Participants need to complete the Enrolment Form and the Workshop Preference Form. There is an Early /bird discount, and a two-for-one offer if the participant introduce a Buddy to the Feldenkrais Method.  Our members volunteer to teach a lesson and others help with organization of the afternoon.

A public workshop event. We hope to have 4 spread throughout 2018.

Venue: Bendat Parents & Community Centre – 36 Dodd Street, Wembley WA 6014

February 3rd  -  Registrations open at 1.00 pm

February 3rd  - Session 2 ends at 4.45 pm

Please click on the links to the Enrolment Form and Workshop Preference Form. 

Contact: Jenny  - Phone 0448 446 253 or free call 1800 001 550

Email: wa.div@feldenkrais.org.au