Public Workshop - Somatic Mindfulness

Somatic Mindfulness


Facilitated by Zoran Kovich  MSc, Certified Feldenkrais Trainer


You are an embodied being; one body for one lifetime. It is wise to enact your intentions in ways that are sustainable. Somatic mindfulness awakens you to new possibilities. You start by attending with care and clarity to the body. You finish when you're aesthetically satisfied. 


The Awareness Through Movement lessons, activities, and discussions in this workshop will highlight the somatic importance of fostering ways of moving that do not contradict your body's fundamental need for air.

You will experience and practise mind-body-based methods for creating more sustainable ways of moving yourself through life, enabling you to foster personal wellness, and develop abilities that are meaningful for you.


Saturday & Sunday session

12pm to 5 pm

  • Saturday 12 January 2019

  • Sunday 13 January 2019

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Both days    Pre-Christmas special   $187.50

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Both days    Full enrolment  $250

Single day   Full enrolment  $140