May I Have Your Attention - 3 Workshops. Oct, Nov & Dec 2019 at St Leonards, NSW

May I Have Your Attention

Facilitated by Zoran Kovich  MSc, Certified Feldenkrais Trainer

You live in a complex world full of distractions and demands on your time. Stop a while and enjoy attending to yourself in ways that leave you feeling mentally focused, physically refreshed and emotionally energised. That's exactly what the practical movement-based awareness activities in these workshops are designed to do.

A student said to his Zen master, “Please write for me something of great wisdom.” 

The Master picked up a calligraphy brush and wrote one word: “Attention.” 

The student said, “Is that all?” 

Picking up the brush again the master wrote, “Attention. Attention.” 

The student became irritable. “That doesn’t seem profound or subtle to me.” 

In response, the master wrote simply, “Attention. Attention. Attention.”

In frustration, the student demanded, “What does this word ‘attention’ mean?” 

The master replied, “Attention means attention.”

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