Feldy Firsts - what a surprise! 20 July, Griffith ACT

Feldy Firsts - what a surprise!

'Feldy Firsts' is a modern and genuinely practical self-education workshop that introduces participants to the common-sense Feldenkrais approach to movement.

Using this workshop and the power of neuroplasticity, i want to help you improve how you live: your ability to drive, garden, clean, climb, walk, stand etc.

I want to help:

·             ease your tension or pain

·             improve your performance, posture, sensation, breathing

·             improve your coordination or range of movement.

Surprisingly, positive change can and does happen quickly, cheaply, safely and effortlessly - no matter age or physical condition!

For ore information see Feldenkrais Method FAQ and/or feel free to contact me at myfeldenkrazyways@gmail.com or on 0408 226 431.


Tickets cost under $25 and are available from Eventbrite at