Feldenkrais Discovery Day - Public Event Abbotsford, Melbourne

Where:    Abbotsford Convent: Linen and Community Rooms

When:     6 August, 2017

Time:      10am until 4pm

Entry is free.

Explore and discover

The Feldenkrais Discovery Day will give the general public an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Method and to discover all the myriad of ways that the Feldenkrais Method is being utilised in health and well being clinics, gyms, schools, physiotherapist clinics, community centres, hospitals, performing arts institutions and in people’s own homes every day.


Feldenkrais Discovery Day Events

Special Presentations

There will be six key note presentations from practitioners who specialise in the following fields:

10am: Feldenkrais and the science of Neuroplasticity with Karol Connors

11am: Feldenkrais and Creativity: Dance with Julia Scoglio

12pm: Feldenkrais and Creativity: Voice with Stephen Grant

1pm:   Feldenkrais and managing Pain with Lisa Campbell

2pm:   Feldenkrais as part of an Embodied Spirituality with Jennifer Guild

3pm:   Feldenkrais and Martial Arts Practice with Ruth Frommer

Free individual lessons

There will be an ongoing schedule of free individual lessons called Functional Intergration (FI) lessons for the public to experience throughout the day. In these lessons you will lie or sit, comfortably clothed, on a low padded table. Your practitioner will physically guide your body through safe, effortless movement, and will use precise touch to bring unfamiliar parts of your body into awareness.

Free group classes

There will be an ongoing schedule of free short group classes called Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes for the public to experience throughout the entire day. In these classes a practitioner will guide you through a planned sequence of movement explorations. You will be encouraged to pay close attention to the sensations of each movement. You will also be encouraged to practice the movements very gently and slowly, ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable throughout.

Information tables

Throughout the day there will also be expert practitioners at information tables to answer any questions about the Feldenkrais Method and to explain the different specialist applications of the Method in areas such as physiotherapy, personal training and fitness, excellence in sport and performing arts, working with children with special needs, maintaining easy movement as you age and the training and qualification processes of the Method itself.

TO REGISTER your interest please go to: https://www.trybooking.com/QUTY

For more information please contact:

Ingrid Weisfelt, secretary of the Victorian Division of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild

Email: vic.div@feldenkrais.org.au

Phone: 1800 001 550