AFG Conference 2017: A Case for Learning

Three experience-rich days using case studies as the springboard.  

Enjoy mild winter weather under clear blue skies in Brisbane, Thu 20 - Sat 22 July, while you satiate yourself with presentations from experienced Feldenkrais Practitioners.

The Case Study is a potent tool for inspiration and change. The stories are memorable, they encode information and stimulate enquiry. In the hands of masters like Luria, Sacks and Doidge they can light the way to new perspectives.

Moshe Feldenkrais's The Case of Nora is an exemplar of this form, using the singular story to demonstrate his method in action, and thus furnishing us with multiple explorable avenues.   

The aim of this conference is to unearth the gems that many of our practitioners have, perhaps unacknowledged, in their own repertoir.  By sharing these stories and the explorations they can generate, we know you will travel home with your own caseload of jewels to be examined in further depth at your leisure.

More details are available in the Upcoming Events Listing.

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