Marketing presentation for members of The Australian Feldenkrais Guild from Basic Bananas covering:

•The 5 key areas for business growth

• Find out how to put together a clear and cohesive marketing roadmap to avoid the typical scattered and unorganised approach to marketing.

• Discover the psychology of your buyers and how you can tap into their emotions.

• Walk away with techniques to reach your market more effectively, so that your promotions have a bigger impact with increased response rates.

• Find out what makes your business unique and how you can bring that uniqueness to the market.

• Find out how to create a marketing machine that brings in clients every day.

• Discover three of the most effective marketing strategies to guarantee you are the first choice for your prospects.

• Discover the latest marketing trends that will impact the way you promote your business.

• Make marketing more simple and fun and help you build an effective marketing machine that will generate a constant flow of new clients


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