Fairfield Awareness Through Movement classes

5:45pm Monday, 2 December 2019
6:45pm Monday, 6 April 2020
Fairfield Community Room
121 Station Street
Fairfield, Victoria 3078

Contact Information

Lachlan Fleming

Weekly Awareness Through Movement classes at the Faifield Community Room

Feldenkrais group classes, known as
Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons
use gentle, mindful movement to calm the
nervous system and uncover our natural capacity
for coordination, stability, and balance.

The Feldenkrais Method® is used across professions
worldwide, from dance academies to rehabilitation clinics,
from improving the performance of elite athletes, to
helping treat neurological disorders.

Feldenkrais students experience increasing comfort, physical confidence, clearer thinking, and reduced pain and
stiffness in their bodies. Whether it be to improve
posture or performance, when we are aware of
how we can move, function can be improved,
and the better we move,
the better our mood.