Awareness Through Movement Classes in the Blue Mountains

12:30pm Thursday, 11 July 2019
1:30am Thursday, 19 December 2019
Cancer Wellness Centre
56 Warwick Street
Penrith, New South Wales 2750

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Anna Fisher

Gentle guided movement classes suitable for people living with cancer and their carers

Awareness Through Movement classes involve a series of gentle guided movements where you are encouraged to direct your awareness to discover how you move. Over time you will learn to move in a way that is optimal for you as an individual minimising unnecessary work and effort.

Classes provide an optimal learning environment, where you learn at your own pace, in your own time, to move in a gentle way with ease, comfort, and enjoyment. You will discover and open yourself to new ways of moving. Movements that you didn’t think were possible, become possible, and likewise, this extends into other areas of your life including your thoughts and emotions.


"Doing Awareness Through Movement classes with Anna was very beneficial for my back pain and general tightness I have from doing physical work. I felt more ease in my body and less tension after each session. I would highly recommend Anna's classes, especially to any who does hard physical work. Anna's teaching style is clear, concise and easy to understand, i thoroughly enjoyed the classes". (Jason, Labourer)

"I have had a number of Feldenkrais classes with Anna and I found them all to be very beneficial for both my mind and body. Anna has a very kind and caring manner and guides you through the movements in a clear and calm way. I particularly liked the classes focusing on my neck and back and also sitting and driving. I would highly recommend a class with Anna if you want to improve the way you move and feel about your body." David (Operations Manager)