2018 Term 1 ATM Classes Wednesday 9.30am and Thursday 1.30pm

9:30am Wednesday, 14 February 2018
11:30am Saturday, 2 February 2019
Mt Claremont Community Centre
107 Montgomery Drive Hakea room
Mt Claremont, Western Australia 6010

Contact Information

Vanessa Stephen

For more information call or email Vanessa

These classes use gentle and unusual movement explorations to explore and discover new ways of moving, suitable for generally able bodied people with the ability to get up and down from the ground. When booking for the 6 week series you need to select a particular day and time but you can switch around between classes if work and other commitments preclude you from attending the same class each week. For missed classes you will be emailed a Soundcloud link of the audio recording of that weeks class.

Refer to the "classes" page at Simply Better Movement for accurate information and bookings.