Dynamics & Rhythm in FI & ATM

1:00pm Friday, 23 February 2018
8:30pm Saturday, 24 February 2018
Professional Development Event
Mount Hawthorn Main Hall
197 Scarborough Beach Road
Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia 6016

In this 2-day advanced training, we will engage in a series of three FI lessons, with interconnected ATMs, to examine how they employ changes of dynamics and rhythm, differing spatial orientations, parts of an action, and the whole action. The elements and form of each lesson will reference the role of movement in relation to the whole person and how they are active in becoming aware. The beginning of each lesson is designed to set up conditions for observing and knowing, through the body, what is outside of awareness. The middle of the lesson is moved along by curiosity and interest into 'new territory beyond habits of effort'. Here, we bring into play our non-verbal skills as practitioners, and this will be a main focus of this training. The changes that take place during the middle of the lesson become new learning if they can be integrated by the entire system. If so, the student feels actively well and present, aware of having choice and being part of something that has been created, that is, part of an ongoing creative process.


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Shelley Kiiveri

Dynamics & Rhythm in FI & ATM– a 2-day advanced training for Feldenkrais Practitioners conducted by Maggie Slattery