Day 6. More than Movement

Australian Feldenkrais Guild Online Summit 2020


Day 6 - More than Movement

In this interview Anna Yeatman PhD and Zoran Kovich MSc introduce you to the fundaments of Feldenkrais praxis. Find out why Moshe Feldenkrais unceasingly advised people that the physical benefits they experience in lessons, whilst useful and pleasant, are just a prize, a present, for being and becoming more human.



Zoran Kovich

Zoran Kovich - Zoran works as an Educational Director and Trainer in Feldenkrais Method teacher-training programs, and also conducts a professional practice in Sydney. He adores sharing with people the knowledge and know-how he has diligently cultivated over 38 years studying embodied, enacted, mindful approaches to potent human maturation.

Anna Yeatman


Anna Yeatman - Anna Yeatman is a retired academic who has held professorial positions in Women's Studies, Sociology and Political Science since 1991 at a number of universities in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  While at the University of Alberta as a Canada Research Chair in Political Science, she completed a Feldenkrais training with Jeff Haller, graduating end of 2007.


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