Day 5. Pain

Australian Feldenkrais Guild Online Summit 2020

Day 5 - Pain

Sophie Fraser and Tali Plotnik are two experienced clinicians in the field of chronic pain. With a background in physiotherapy as well as Feldenkrais, they discuss what drives the complex neurological and physiological pattern of pain and how it often results in associated postural adaptations in how people move. They examine what’s unique about what the Feldenkrais Method offers, how setting up a sense of safety and support is paramount and that being able to discern differences in sensations other than pain is the foundational skill-set for change.



Sophie Fraser


Sophie Fraser has a bachelor of Physiotherapy is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, a member of the Australian Pain Society and Australian Physiotherapy Association.
Sophie is one of Melbourne's most experienced Feldenkrais practitioners and chronic pain physiotherapists. She has a private practice in Brunswick and also works part-time as a senior clinician at a leading Melbourne pain rehabilitation clinic. Sophie assists people with persistent pain by sharing the latest physiotherapy and pain science knowledge, improving posture and movement patterns, and providing a framework for a graded return to activity and function. She collaborates with other health professionals including Pain and Rehabilitation Specialists, GP’s, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists in order to provide a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

Sophie runs regular Feldenkrais classes and workshops and teaches weekend courses to allied health professionals Australia wide. An innovative and inspiring teacher, Sophie has developed a variety of specialist workshops, including Strong and Supple Spine, Better Posture,Moving out of Pain, and Moving into Motherhood.

Tali Plotnik

Tali Plotnik is an experienced Feldenkrais Practitioner and Physiotherapist. She graduated as a physiotherapist in 2001 and has worked extensively in rehabilitation in the management of Neurological, Chronic Pain and Musculoskeletal disorders. She completed her Feldenkrais Professional Training program in 2008 and has run a successful Feldenkrais Practice, Movement Wisdom, in Melbourne for over 10 years. Tali has studied extensively with leading experts in the Feldenkrais Method both in Australia and Israel and is currently completing a Masters of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) through the University of Sydney

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