Day 4. Pelvic Health & Sexual Wellbeing

Australian Feldenkrais Guild Online Summit 2020

Day 4 - Pelvic Health & Sexual Wellbeing


Sexual healing and wellbeing can be one of the many benefits of experiencing the Feldenkrais Method®. And the gentle movements and awareness of Feldenkrais lessons are being used by practitioners around the world to assist in recovery from sexual abuse, trauma and dysfunction. Their work also addresses damage to pelvic and pelvic floor functions from pregnancy, birth, surgery, illness, injury and aging. The lessons can involve the pelvis and pelvic floor but are also about improving movements and awareness of all parts of the body, all aspects of oneself.

Ralph Hadden CFP in his Feldenkrais teaching over the past decade has taken a particular interest in lessons for the pelvis and pelvic floor (and related areas and actions). In the interview he discusses how these movements can enhance sexual wellbeing as well as contributing to overall wellbeing.

Moshe Feldenkrais himself, in his earlier writings, considered a healthy sexual ity as being an essential part of being an effective, healthy individual- a potent human being. However, as he developed his work, and we, his successors have continued on with his work, sexual wellbeing has been downplayed. Why is this so? It is a welcome development that this is changing. Sexuality is re-emerging as an important function that can be enhanced by Feldenkrais, along with all the other aspects of healthy living.



Ralph Hadden

Ralph Hadden  graduated from the first Feldenkrais practitioner training program in Australia (Sydney 1990) and is an Assistant Trainer (accredited to teach in practitioner training programs). He practises in Melbourne and has taught Feldenkrais and Advanced Trainings nationally and internationally.

Ralph has over 40 years’ experience in movement and body therapies – as a practitioner, teacher and trainer of teachers. He is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and member of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild Inc.

He was editor of "Feldenkrais Australia", the national newsletter of the AFG Inc. from 2012 to 2018.

I have had a lifelong interest in nature, movement and wellbeing. I began massaging members of my family when I was a child and continued learning and practising massage as an adult, eventually founding and directing The Melbourne School of Tactile Therapies, a school which pioneered massage practitioner education in Australia. I first encountered the Feldenkrais Method® in 1980 and was immediately enchanted by its ingenious and intriguing approach to learning and development.




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