Day 3. Embodied Resilience

Australian Feldenkrais Guild Online Summit 2020

Day 3 - Embodied Resilience


When life pulls the rug from under our feet how do we respond? Do we tense up or hold our breath? Do we collapse in a heap or get wildly busy? Can we see and hear what is around us? Can we sense the ground beneath us? 

The Feldenkrais Method helps us connect with our quiet, confident and playful selves. 

Learning to become more connected with our body and breath; with gravity and ground; and with our environments through our senses is a marvellous gift that awakens new experiences for living a easy, pleasurable and choice filled life. 

Join Annemarie, Jenny, Lynda and Molly as we discuss how the Feldenkrais Method can support us in finding an embodied resiliency.



Annemarie de Heus

Annemarie de Heus is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, a registered Physiotherapist, and a Consultant in Postural Support. She has lived, worked, and studied in Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

Annemarie is passionate about the Feldenkrais method and the opportunity it gives to everyone to improve their life. The method has the potential to impact every aspect of our life; how we walk, how we communicate, swim, recover from illness and injury, how we brainstorm, make decisions, deal with deadlines and conflict and other stressful situations. She enjoys assisting people of all ages and of all levels of abilities to find greater ease moving through everyday life and enjoying their chosen activities.

Annemarie offers Awareness through Movement classes, individual one on one sessions at her own private practice and workshops throughout the Perth area including Perth Hills and Perth City.

You are invited to ring Annemarie to discuss any further details about your Feldenkrais appointment and/or your class and/ or visit her website


Lynda Johnston


Lynda Johnston enjoys movement and learning, and both her professional and personal life has centred around health, fitness, wellness and education. Her interest in learning and human movement really began after becoming a parent. The opportunity and interest of many hours observation of the gradual development and movement of children lead Lynda to working with a busy preschool Kindergym program for many years. Enjoying the blend of movement and education and assisting others she continued her learning through training in Fitness and Pilates and during that time she first sampled the Feldenkrais Method and found it really interesting.

Becoming a Feldenkrais Practitioner truly deepened her understanding of learning and movement, the mind and body connection and the endless possibilities and potential of both. Working with movement in a variety of ways, with people of all ages, has consolidated for Lynda their importance to ensure resilient health and wellbeing.

Jenny D’Cruz

Jenny D’Cruz is a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Physiotherapist.As a Physiotherapist seeking ways to further assist her clients experiencing pain and movement issues, Jenny was directed by a colleague towards the Feldenkrais Method. She found through her own experience with Feldenkrais lessons that movement quality and posture became easier, more comfortable and graceful. Daily exercise and work also became more enjoyable. Jenny qualified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner in 2017 and is inspired to share this with others.

With the challenges and changes Australians have faced in 2020 due to the Australian Bushfire Crisis and Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic Jenny has been very interested in learning how the Feldenkrais Method can help us to develop our capacity for resilience. In a conversation with 3 of her colleagues in Perth she will share some of her experiences and learnings about how our ability to adapt and respond positively to constraints and change can grow.

Molly Tipping


Molly Tipping runs a private practice in North Perth and lectures at WAAPA in the Dance, Theatre and Music Departments. Molly has particularly specialities in anxiety and elite performance.

Molly Tipping is a Feldenkrais Practitioner with previous careers in Dance and Pilates. She runs a private practice in North Perth working with children and adults interested in improving their anxiety, movement and performance. Molly lectures at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Alignment, Kinesiology and Performance Psychology. Molly is currently working with the Olympic Skateboarders in preparations for Tokyo 2021 and running professional training for The Feldenkrais Guild, The Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA). Molly is also co-producer, with Brigit Cosgrove, of Move Over Anxiety, a Feldenkrais program addressing anxiety.

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