Videos about the Feldenkrais Method, Australian Feldenkrais practitioners and others related or interesting

What can the Feldenkrais Method do for my child? with Carryn Trupman (NZ Feldenkrais Guild)

This is a short film about the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method for children. The Feldenkrais Method makes use of the brain's natural capacity for learning and for increasing human potential at any age. It is especially valuable for children who are musicians and athletes, and also for those with neurological, learning or developmental difficulties.

Frank Wildman on the Today Show
While conducting trainings in Australia in 1998, Dr. wildman visited the Today show to give them a brief overview of the Feldenkrais Method®.


Dymaxion Dance - Feldenkrais For Performers

Dymaxion Dance is an all-female ensemble based Menlo Park, CA. Some of the members have been dancing together for over 35 years. In 1976, Dymaxion founder Chloe Scott choreographed a dance called Movement for Moshe that incorporatedAwareness Through Movement® Lessons, which the group performed for Moshe Feldenkrais. This video was recorded at the 2012 Feldenkrais Method® Conference.

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Dr Michael Merzenich on the Feldenkrais Method

In this video, renowned neuroscientist Dr. Merzenich discusses the ways in which his understanding of how to enhance movement  and learning is consistent with the Feldenkrais Method. 

Feldenkrais for artists (2.50mins)

Feldenkrais for rehab and pain management (4.25mins)


Feldenkrais in sports (2.05mins)

Feldenkrais in Daily life, testimonial by Vicky - Practitioner Rae Martin (1.14mins)

We would like to acknowledge Vicky's use of the Feldenkrais Method® in managing and progressing through cerebral palsy limitations in her daily life.

What is the Feldenkrais Method®? by Feldenkrais Guild of North America

Ralph Hadden:  Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® (4.49mins)

This overview shows the two different streams of the Feldenkrais Method®.

The following film is a sneak peek from the project “The Next 25 Years” that aims to bring the foundational principles and practice founded by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais to the world in an accessible and versatile educational tool. (3.21mins).

A Feldenkrais Class by Baby Liv from Irene Gutteridge on Vimeo.