Australian Training and Accreditation Board (AusTAB)
“To Serve the student, Facilitate the teacher and Foster the Feldenkrais Method” 
About AusTAB
The Australian Training and Accreditation Board, known as AusTAB, is responsible for accrediting Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Asia. One of its responsibilities is to review and check whether training proposals conform to the International Training and Accreditation Policies (TAPs). When the proposals do conform to the TAPs the Training Programs are accredited, and then monitored throughout their duration by AusTAB for compliance with the TAPs. 
Another responsibility is to review applications for, and certify, Assistant Feldenkrais Trainers and cooperate with other TABs (NATAB for North America, and EuroTAB for Europe) to certify Trainers.
AusTAB is able to assist practitioners from overseas who wish to join The Australian Feldenkrais Guild Inc. Please contact AusTAB for information and current requirements for membership of The Australian Feldenkrais Guild Inc (AFG).
AusTAB is a standing committee of The Australian Feldenkrais Guild Inc. The Board is made up of an appointed Chair, the ex officio National President, an appointed New Zealand representative, five Board members and two Trainer Consultants.
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If you would like to address any questions to the Board, please contact:  AusTAB.
Application for Training Accreditation, Trainer or Assistant Trainer
Applications for training accreditation and for certification of trainers or assistant trainers must be sent to the Chair.
Applications can be made in electronic (e-mail) form, either in text format or with attachments in Microsoft Word 98 compatible formats.
AusTAB requires a minimum of one hard copy of the application.
Please contact the AusTAB Administrator to determine the current fee, the number of hard copy applications required, and for any additional information that you might need before submitting your application. If you have any questions about formatting, please contact us.