In sport, whether social or professional, it can be important for you to peform at your best on a regular basis. You may find you no longer perform at your peak, are less coordinated, movement is restricted, or your confidence may be affected. You can break free of habitual patterns and restrictive movements by learning easier ways of moving. By engaging your brain in learning to sense more parts of you, the Feldenkrais Method teaches you how to tap into your brain's natural ability to create new neural pathways. This allows you to move away from those restrictive patterns and to teach yourself easier ways to move. Research is showing that if you make an effort to stimulate your brain, you can live a healthier life. When we move easier, we can move for longer.


Feldenkrais Method® and Exercise: do they go together? Yes! by Bob Strahinjevich

Feldenkrais for Sportspeople by Rae Martin

Articles from the Feldenkrais Guild of North America

Feldenkrais and Judo by Dennis Leri

Horse Riding without Pain — My experience of The Feldenkrais Method® by Mabel Smith (an article from the UK Feldenkrais Guild)


Essentially the Feldenkrais Method has provided me with a framework for learning, and the tools necessary to refine my understanding of how I can direct myself well, and respond to the demands of my environment. The result has been increased effectiveness in movement, higher performance, and the knowledge and skills to better work with my clients. 

I am grateful to the Feldenkrais Method and my teachers for opening my eyes to the endless possibilities of movement, and new dimensions of self-image, and human potential. 

J.S. -- Personal Fitness Trainer