For Performers

The Feldenkrais Method for performers
In this section you will find information on how the FM interacts with performers (dancers, actors, musicians, etc.) as well as articles from practitioners about their work, research and experience in this area. 


Articles from the AFG or practitioners in Australia

How is the Feldenkrais Method applied in the performing arts? by Francesca White and Stephen Grant

Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) Student testimonials

Feldenkrais Reflective


Articles around the world 

Articles from the Feldenkrais Guild of North America

Article from the UK Feldenkrais Guild -Dancing with Back Pain by Jackie Adkins (Feldenkrais Practitioner) 

Article from the UK Feldenkrais Guild - Feldenkrais in Theatre and Acting by Andrew Dawson (Feldenkrais Practitioner & performer)

Article from the UK Feldenkrais Guild - Feldenkrais for a Contemporary Dancer by Scott Clark (Feldenkrais Practitioner)



The Feldenkrais Guild UK. The Violinist.

The fourth film made by Andrew Dawson for the Feldenkrais Guild UK. This film focuses on professional violinist,Glen Sheldon, who has been taking Feldenkrais ATM lessons and Functional Intergration F.I. classes over a number of years, since he was at univesity. He enjoys the movement and the effect the method has on his playing.

Feldenkrais for artists