For Performers

Dancers, actors, musicians and other performers understand the need to move well and with ease. There can be a professional need to perform at your peak, but there can also be discomfort or deterioration in performance. The Feldenkrais Method enables you to explore your body's organic ability to improve balance and break free of habitual, restrictive movement patterns by relearning easier ways to move. Regardless of your age, the Feldenkrais Method can help you to become fitter and more flexible.  The subtle movements of the Feldenkrais Method teach new configurations in your movement patterns and increase your flexibility. This allows you to perform everyday physical activities with more ease.

Feldenkrais Practitioners can introduce performers to the value of learning through experiencing how small changes in movement habits can contribute to confidence, quality and safety in performance. This enhanced awareness and sensory refinement has the potential to enrich creativity, and artistic outcome, aid concentration and prevent injury related to overuse of the body.

"It’s a fundamental part of my health regimen, absolutely fundamental. "

- Robyn Nevin AM, Patron of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild Inc speaking on the Feldenkrais Method


How is the Feldenkrais Method applied in the performing arts? by Francesca White, Assistant Trainer, and Stephen Grant

Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) Student testimonials

Feldenkrais Reflective

Articles from the Feldenkrais Guild of North America

Article from the UK Feldenkrais Guild - Dancing with Back Pain by Jackie Adkins (Feldenkrais Practitioner) 

Article from the UK Feldenkrais Guild - Feldenkrais in Theatre and Acting by Andrew Dawson (Feldenkrais Practitioner & performer)

Article from the UK Feldenkrais Guild - Feldenkrais for a Contemporary Dancer by Scott Clark (Feldenkrais Practitioner)


My engagement with the Feldenkrais Method has been a key part of my growth as a dancer and choreographer in recent years. The method has been a crucial support to overcoming a significant injury and it continues to support and expand my research into my body and it’s choreographic potential...Feldenkrais has allowed me to slow down, to let a movement have duration and to notice and allow affect on other body parts and through the larger structure.

R.N. -- Indepedendant Dance Artist


The Feldenkrais Guild UK. The Violinist.

The fourth film made by Andrew Dawson for the Feldenkrais Guild UK. This film focuses on professional violinist, Glen Sheldon, who has been taking Feldenkrais ATM lessons and Functional Intergration (FI) classes over a number of years, since he was at univesity. He enjoys the movement and the effect the method has on his playing.


Feldenkrais for artists